NEW ALBUM - On A Journey
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"I am constantly traveling as a person and as a musician and always will be," says Bergitta Victor. This confession to nomadism is impressively reflected on her third album: The cosmopolitan from the Seychelles has designed with Creole joie de vivre, miniatures of fragile folk pop and hand-solid roots reggae an emotional journal, where she takes a stop with enchanting to wistful love songs, with major politics and intimate states of mind.

After "Sesel" her debut album, which was an ode to her home, and the airy and jazzy second album "So Happy", the graceful woman with the bright and powerful voice is now combining the two previous albums together in a clever synthesis: With "On A Journey" Bergitta Victor sounds more mature, sophisticated and confident while playing on the keyboard of African grooves, Creole rhythms, reggae and universally understandable ballad tones. "It is the first album for which I've written all of the songs by myself, I’ve learned to play the guitar and that made the process of composing much easier," says Bergitta. "On A Journey" shows a new facet of her talents: "The inspiration for this album was my desire to go with the style of an acoustic Afropops à la Lokua Kanza," she explains. "This style is the most fun for me and to play with the vocals.” She combines these super smooth grooves and her strong voice with lyrics in her mother tongue. "Si Ler Ou Ek Mwan", "Zoli Melodi" and "Protez Nou Langaz Creole" are forming the core of this new Afro-Creole orientation, three compelling, catchy tunes that you do not want to get rid of. The opening track with the traditional triple rhythm Sega is also a forceful warning to the conservation of Creole.

Her embrace of mixing cultures extends to the Caribbean, especially with the terrific Roots Reggae songs "Stay With Me" and "I Do not Mind", whereas you can hear Cuban rhythms on in the song "Koz Laverite". And you can find songs in a delicate folk structure on the album where voice and guitar are based at the center: The leisurely strolling "Free As Can Be" (which is also the first single), the wonderful daydreaming song "Sitting On A Tree", and the soulful "When I Think Of You".

Bergitta Victor has recorded her third album along with her familiar band members in Zürich, Switzerland and combined it this time with some profound guest appearances. The Suisse guitarist Roman Hosek, a popular session musician and string wizard of the band Chamber Soul, has left many brilliant improvisational moments on the tracks, a singing and melancholic cello is played by Daniel Pezzotti and Amik Guerrais plays a flugelhorn solo. For the song "United" Bergitta is worked together with the dazzling R & B singer Jaqee, a colleague from Sweden - together the two musicians criticize the complex and encrypted speech used by politicians. A very big surprise appearance is the Cameroonian Blick Bassy a brilliant song writer who wrote "Zoli Melodi" and is featured with his distinctive voice and guitar smart on the track.

"On A Journey" is a soulful and matured travel journal and could be a stroke of luck for the summer 2013.